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Make a Great Impression

The ever-changing landscape of job searching and career exploration can feel overwhelming. We’ve created two online strategy courses to support you along your journey.

Stop tinkering with your resume!

When you know how to go in through the side door of a company, keywords and rankings no longer make or break you. Bring the human element back into your job search and access opportunities without little to no competition.


We take the overwhelm out of job searching.


Our videos and action guides provide you with best practices.


No two women are the same. Adapt what you learn to meet your specific needs.

eCourse #1: How to Find Your Dream Career

Create & Implement
a Strategy that Works

Module 1: Top Performer Secrets

Where do most people waste time during a job search? What are the bad behaviors that hold even the most qualified of candidates back? We’ll teach you how to rethink the hiring process, build your strategy right from day one, and save yourself hours of time applying for roles and never hearing back from employers.

Module 2: Navigating Gatekeepers

If you’ve ever wondered how to identify a recruiter who won’t waste your time, pay special attention to these lessons. You’ll also learn what different employers look for and the secret to side-stepping gatekeepers and making meaningful connections with company insiders.

Module 3: All About Resumes

As you craft your resume, we’ll share the most effective ways to use it, and how to develop your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). We will explore the value of your cover letter and references, as well as what Application Tracking Systems (ATS) are, and how to use them to your advantage.

Module 4: Networking That Actually Works

In business, as in life, it is often “who you know” that matters most. This module takes that old adage one step further, and focuses on how to make meaningful connections, stand out, and be remembered. It also includes conversation starters, and steps on how to connect effectively on LinkedIn.

Module 5: LinkedIn & Your Web Presence

Updating your profile content is just a small part of leveraging LinkedIn in your job search. Did you know the “Easy Apply” function can work to your disadvantage? We’ll share more about that and how to ensure your web presence aligns with what you’re working to achieve professionally.

eCourse #2: How to Ace the Interview

Prepare for Interviews &
Make Meaningful Connections

Module 1: Course Overview

This module is a snapshot of everything that will be taught in the course, including specific topics and their corresponding action guides.

Module 2: Interview Essentials

We will explore how to arrange interviews, what you can hope to gain from the interview as the job seeker, and what the employer looks to learn about you during their time with you.

Module 3: Logistics

This discussion reviews what is important to prepare for the interview other than questions to answer and ask, including what to wear, navigating directions, knowing who will be present during the interview, and more.

Module 4: Q&A Prepration

This lesson includes valuable information about common questions asked during interviews, as well as guides you through helpful hints on how to answer, questions that should never be asked, and questions the candidate should consider posing to the interviewer.

Module 5: How to Follow Up

As part of your post-interview follow-up, we discuss thank you notes, phone calls, references and more.

Module #6: Navigating Job Offers

Once an offer is made to you, there are many things to consider. This module covers how to make this important decision, and includes topics like salary negotiation and how to weigh multiple offers.

Module #7: Trying Again

This lesson discusses how to move on when you are not extended a job offer after the interview.

Want to learn more? Access detailed outlines of these two courses.


About Us

Since 2007 we’ve helped thousands of professionals land jobs the love! We’ve translated our expertise in HR, recruiting, and job searching into a proven methodology that helps job seekers bypass robots and interviews. Strategy (rather than cheap tactics) is your key to standing out and getting your foot in the door. We'll show you how to do it!

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Find Your Dream Career

$297 - What's included:

  • Two comprehensive eStrategy courses:
  • #1 How to Find Your Dream Career: 5 training modules
    (24 video lessons & accompanying action guides)
  • #2 How to Ace The Interview: 7 training modules
    (8 video lessons & accompanying action guides)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me?

The short answer is yes. If you complete the action guides and consume the content, you'll see results. However, this will not work for you if:
- You're looking for a quick "fix" (building a strategy takes effort)
- You're not comfortable learning virtually
- You aren’t ready to change the way you’ve done things in the past

How long will I have access to the courses?

You'll have LIFETIME access to the courses. This includes enhancements and updates that we introduce. You'll always have access to the most up-to-date information, tips, and tools.

Can I access the courses from any device?

Yes! You can access our courses from any device with a web browser. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email confirmation that contains a link to the courses. You can use this link to open your courses, or you can type the school or course page URLs into the address bar of your web browser.

TIP: We recommend using the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

How much time does this take?

Our courses are self-directed and as such, are designed for you to do at your own pace. We recommend dedicating 5-6 days to each module; this will ensure you're able to both digest the lesson and work with the action guides related to them.

What if I want more support?

We offer one-on-one and group coaching to support you. Our coaches are incredible women who will work with you to meet your needs.

"I truly appreciate all the resources the Sound Advice team offered to help me navigate this difficult job market. In the end, I felt calm and capable throughout and I was prepared to put my best foot forward when I had the opportunity to start a conversation. After months of searching I have landed a new role!"

- Katherine M., Implementation Specialist

"Aaron was wonderful to work with and I feel confident applying for jobs with the resume he build for me. Thank you so much!"

- Jillian S., Business Operations Specialist

Brandie Pearson

"Thank you Sound Advice for your team's hard work and dedication to helping me move one step closer to going out and getting back into the workforce with confidence in my work history. I will definitely recommend Sound Advice to anyone who needs your service."

- Brandie P., Program Specialist

Lauren Gallagher

"My experience has been nothing short of amazing. I am very satisfied with my Career Coach. She has been wonderful to work with in that she’s incredibly helpful, flexible and quick. I have all the support I need to land my dream job!"

- Lauren G., Product Development

Lynnette Lichner

"My assigned Career Consultant was helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions with enthusiasm. She worked to ensure that I have the tools to be successful in my job search. I would highly recommend using Sound Advice."

- Lynnette L., Sr. Customer Service Representative

Becca Wissman

"I'm so glad I decided to work with Sound Advice. The team has been so sweet, helpful and thoughtful. From my initial consult to the course content and creating my materials it's been terrific and I so value all the work we've done together!

I can confidently state that through the help of Sound Advice I am becoming mentally prepared to step forward into the unknown. Thank you for all you do!"

- Becca W., Project Manager

Holly McMillin Murtha

"From my first Contact with Sound Advice the service and training was outstanding. I have been given a wealth of information and coaching that will help me achieve my goals. Professional and friendly, I immediately felt at home speaking with "my" Career Consultant about what I wanted to achieve. Sound Advice is truly a great service."

- Holly M., Curriculum Development/Trainer

Start using a strategy that works.

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