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Workforce Warriors

Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn offers a pretty basic formula to create your profile foundation. A fair bit of groundwork is initially required, but if maintained properly afterwards, then just a few minutes a day is all that will be needed to grow your network. Let me first explain why you need to include all this information in full. When …

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Facing Your Fears

The number one hindrance to most people’s success is themselves. So often we know the way; we know the path we have to take… but we’re afraid to take it. We’re afraid of walking down that path. Even when we know the road and even have a map, the fear of not knowing what we’ll …

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The Value of Research in Your Job Search

Before you turn in your notice and send your previous job packing, you need to spend a lot of time researching the new company or industry you’d like to transition to. Get to know the expectations, culture and language. The best way to do it? Full immersion. Anytime you’re not engaged in your day job, …

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Never Stop Networking

In the not-so-distant past, it was enough to show up on time, do good work, collect a paycheck, and bide your time. If you performed well at any one company for X amount of time, it was reasonable to expect you’d be promoted, get a raise, and keep climbing the ladder. However, in today’s world, …

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