Are You a Solopreneur Ready to Scale Your Business?

Grow your company as you become an emotionally intelligent CEO

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level, but don't know how to get there?

Then this is for you.

Then this is for you.

From Solopreneur to CEO gives you the knowledge, confidence, and next right steps to grow your business and up-level your leadership skills.

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Gain tools for effective communication

Deeply understand what motivates you to better lead others

Plan for strategic growth with targeted, actionable tasks

Prevent costly mistakes with ready-to-use frameworks

You’ve had success as a solopreneur and are ready to stop trading your time for money. You want to grow your team and scale your business.

Challenge is, you’re still serving clients and don’t have time to figure out the most effective or efficient ways to make more money AND have more time.

Maybe you also have gaps in your leadership abilities, or you’ve never managed a team before.

Support with scaling your business as you become an emotional intelligent leader is what you need.

Your intelligence, talent, and hustle have gotten you this far. Now it’s time to get what you need to up-level your leadership skills while you scale your business.


And right now, you can get all this for only $1000.


As you grow your business, new opportunities and challenges push you to lead, manage, and support your team members and your clients in new ways. When you increase your emotional intelligence and implement human-centric design at a foundational level in your business, you will succeed in ways you hadn’t even considered possible. From strategic planning, to hiring, pricing, communicating, building your network and more, when you approach people and situations through an emotionally intelligent lens, you and your business shine.

Here's What You Get...

An entire web-based course with 6 modules that contain 18 lessons, 19 videos, and 33 workbook exercises.


Printable Workbook (80+)

The workbook is your plan to take action on everything you've learned in the course. It can be filled in directly on your device or downloaded and printed.

Video Content (3 hours)

19 videos filled with exclusive video content, produced and created by Dr. Ali. This content complements the course and the workbook exercises, and gives you additional insights, tips, tools, and ideas.

Private Course Portal (Lifetime Access)

Your purchase includes lifetime access to the material.

This is Perfect for YOU if...

You want to grow you business...

but don’t know where to start, or put your limited time and energy.

You're afraid...

to scale without solid plans in place and a framework for success.

You wish you could...

hire other people, yet you're unsure of the best ways to build, manage or lead a team.

You're tired of...

doing it all on your own.

We get it. Seriously, we've all been there...

Only $1000 for a Limited Time!

Module Sneak-Peek


Module 1


You will learn why it’s critical that you center yourself in the narrative of your company. We will explore your entrepreneurial journey and how to make sure that your business growth aligns with your personal and professional values.

Module 2


You will uncover your defining excellence and leverage your uniqueness to create best practices that work for you, and build your profitability.

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Module 3


You will refine your empathy skills, learn to level-set expectations, set boundaries, try-on different styles of communication, and practice active listening techniques, all through the lens of better serving clients and leading your team.

Only $1000 for a Limited Time!

Bonus Program - Dr. Ali's Notes


Bonus #1

Curated Reading List

Get Dr. Ali’s list of 12 books written by women authors, whose brilliant insights will up-level you as a person and business owner.

Bonus #2

Twelve Executive Summaries

Review all 12 of the books in a summary format when you're tight on time.

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Bonus #3

Twelve Analysis Videos

Learn from Dr. Ali about how you can use the wisdom from these authors in your business and your life.

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