At Sound Advice Women we work with women who are looking for more — more money, independence, time, satisfaction, and work they are uniquely suited to do.

“Ali takes consulting to a whole new level. She is gifted in putting structure, systems, and processes in place, which have helped me to develop strong a foundation for each of my businesses. Thanks to Ali and her tools, advice and insights, I am able to confidently and efficiently build my businesses, and ultimately serve more customers and clients.”

Jessica Sidener
Founder & CEO, Night Out with "The Girls"

“Dr. Ali Hill is a powerhouse. When on stage speaking at the LadyCoders Conference she took her academic prowess and combined it with her passion to propel women in business to the next level. This combination makes Dr. Ali Hill both effective and highly motivating. We loved having her speak at the conference and highly recommend her.”

Elaine Marino
Founder & CEO, Equili

Elaine Marino

“I’ve learned not to accept getting paid less or working longer hours. I have higher expectations for myself. Working with Ali built my confidence that I could do this, and make my nonprofit what I want it to be.”

Megan Patterson
Executive Director & Founder
Worldmind Nature Immersion School

“Leadership can be an isolating journey and while striving to be authentic and genuine, one must be strong in leadership to create stability, positivity, and a path forward for others. That being said, where does the leader go to get that for herself? Dr. Ali, of course! If you want to further your own leadership and/or business, I encourage you to invest in yourself and work with Ali.” 

Christy Anna Gerber
Executive Director, Ketchum Innovation Center

Christy Anna Gerber

“I’m a mom, and I’m a wife, and I work, in that order. Ali’s a mom and a wife who works, so she understands the challenges that I have. I didn’t realize how important it was for someone to listen, and to just focus on me. Ali focused on me and helped me learn to focus on myself.”

Margot Hart
Vice President of Sales - Travelers Haven


In just three sessions, Dr. Ali Hill has helped me overcome major challenges I have encountered in the first 14 months of my business. With her specialty of helping female entrepreneurs and executives, she can offer women like me advice that you just can’t find from other sources — she knows what it’s like to be a female in a male-dominated business world, and that experience makes her a wise guide for those of us new to the path.”

Lizzie Costello
Owner & Creative Director, Costello Productions

Bryn Thumbnail

“You need someone who has also gone through some shit. Ali has her own stories, Ali has dealt with a lot of stuff too. You need someone in your corner, someone who’s going to advise you in a way that’s not typical, someone who’s going to get into the nitty-gritty, you need to work with Ali.” 

Bryn Carter
Owner & Founder & CEO, Charley Co

“Ali is a sharp, no-nonsense guiding light for all early-stage entrepreneurs and small business owners and a fierce advocate for women. Before Ali, I had the passion, the grit, and the subject matter expertise. After Ali, I also have the foundational knowledge on how to build a business. She’s also extremely well connected, which is equally as valuable as her advisory. If you’re early in your business journey and need guidance and encouragement, call Ali. You won’t regret it!”

Leslie Na
Director of Business Development, Ibotta Insights


"It’s such a shift when you’re working with the right person, and you feel energized, sky-rocket through the roof...that’s what I felt when I started working with Ali. If I didn’t have her, I wouldn’t have pushed myself to do the things I’m doing.”  

Katie Goldberg
Life Coach & Founder, Warrior Princess Coach

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