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We love to share our enthusiasm for women and entrepreneurship.


How has the loss of jobs for women as a result of COVID19 created opportunities to explore entrepreneurship?

Dr. Ali shares her thoughts.

Entrepreneurs need to challenge themselves as leaders, and always remember why they started their businesses in the first place.

Dr. Ali explains why.

Making the shift from getting a good job to creating meaningful work is a big part of becoming an entrepreneur.

Dr. Ali offers insight into why now is the time to jump.

How can leaders support women in the workforce?

Dr. Ali contributes her ideas alongside
her fellow members of the Forbes Business Council.

Many of us are running remote teams during the pandemic.

Dr. Ali offers insight into the mistakes leaders
make when doing so, and how to correct them.

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How does entrepreneurship contribute to a renaissance of spirit?

Dr. Ali connects with Dr. Elisa Robyn on the Dr. Elisa radio show.

Celebrating women in entrepreneurship as part of
Women's History Month and every month!

Dr. Ali speaks with Hollie Clere about the
power of entrepreneurship for women.

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