Dr. Ali Hill, Sociologist & Founder, Sound Advice Women

Unlocking the Power of Self-Actualized Emotional Intelligence for Women Entrepreneurs

The What

Launching Self-Actualized Emotionally Intelligent Women

For too long, women haven’t optimized the key to their political, social, and economic equality – entrepreneurship. Now, it’s time. But how?

By unlocking the power of self-actualized emotional intelligence to transform their lives and their businesses.

As self-actualized, emotionally intelligent business owners, women stand firmly in their power as problem-solvers, creative thinkers, and drivers of innovation. They educate, inspire, and enlighten, while creating opportunities for success.

The Who

Sociologist and Founder of Sound Advice Women

Launching self-actualized emotionally intelligent women entrepreneurs is the focus of Dr. Ali Hill’s work. She utilizes her robust expertise as a sociologist, business leader, and trusted advisor to nurture, educate, and elevate women in business.

The How

Guiding Women Entrepreneurs to more Confident Leadership

Dr. Ali’s macro understanding of social constructs (e.g. gender) and how they impact on women’s lives provides a unique lens through which to support women in their journey to entrepreneurship.

Dr. Ali delivers presentations, keynotes, and training that leave audiences inspired and well-informed about the possibilities that are created when we confront the socialization processes and ever-changing realities of being a woman entrepreneur and leader.

Kim Day

"Dr. Ali Hill is a phenomenally inspiring speaker who exhibits genuine passion on the topics she covers. I heard her speak on emotional intelligence at a women's networking event in January and was truly encouraged by her engaging spirit and authentic nature. She owned the room and had a lot of great talking points on the subject, especially for a topic that is not broadly spoken about. She is able to connect with everyone in her audience and invites open conversation to ensure everyone is engaged, not just listening to a lecture. I was so encouraged by her talk that I followed up with her after the event, and she was so welcoming and open to help and offer great advice. Dr. Hill truly wants to help others find their passion and succeed, and she has the perfect attitude, knowledge base, and tools to do so."

- Kim Day, Client Relationship Manager, PayReel, Inc.

Amara Martin

"Dr. Ali is a phenomenal speaker that certainly walks her talk. We had originally booked another presenter for our Professional Women's Group meeting; who had an emergency and could not attend. Dr. Ali jumped right in. Without skipping a beat she said, YES! Dr. Ali's presentation, Your Personal Brand: Curate How the World Sees You, is an amazing workshop that takes you step by step on designing your personal brand. Dr. Ali guides you into an inward journey to discover your values, talents and beliefs so that you may use them to design an authentic brand that will inevitably lead you to a more authentic life. Her presentation also included the importance of emotional intelligence and how we can apply it in the workplace. Besides being an intelligent, wise, skilled presenter and funny, she is also one very cool human being!"

- Amara Martin, Executive Director, Dress for Success Denver

WE Lead @ Tufts Conference

"On behalf of the Women Entrepreneurs at Tufts community, we would like to thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to be our keynote speaker at our 2022 WE Lead @ Tufts Conference! We deeply value you sharing your experience with us. Your presence and wise words helped magnify our message of empowering young women entrepreneurs in the best possible way! Thank you again for sharing your enlightening words that inspired our attendees and all of us at WE@T."

- Olivia Talbert and Melissa Morales, WE@T Co-Events Directors

Destiny DeHaven

"Dr Ali recently spoke to our group and we were blown away. Event though our event was over Zoom, I could see that her message was resonating with the group. They were reacting, responding and furiously taking notes. Dr. Ali's message was heard loud and clear and now our members can go forth and implement what they learned from her Effective Leadership is an Emotional Experience presentation. Thank you Dr Ali."

- Destiny DeHaven, Speaker Coordinator, WEBO Network

Kim West

"I recently had the pleasure of featuring Ali as one my speakers at Boulder Startup Week to give a talk on the importance of emotional intelligence in effective leadership for women in business. Ali is an engaging speaker while also being incredibly professional. She shared numerous insights that resonated with the audience and garnered great feedback. I would highly recommend Ali as a speaker and hope to work with her again in the future!"

- Kim West, Track Captain, Boulder Startup Week

Sarah Marshall

"Ali is a fantastic speaker! I was lucky enough to attend a career series she spoke during, and her advice to me was insightful, applicable, and easy to incorporate. I'm very thankful I got the chance to hear her speak and for her advice!"

- Sarah Marshall, Marketing Advisor, Alpha Phi International Fraternity

Anna Waller

"To listen to Dr. Ali Hill speak is to witness someone fully walking in her destiny. Her years of business expertise and academic rigor quickly establish her credibility, but it is her humility and piercing ability to connect with an audience at an individual soul level that sets her apart. I had the distinct pleasure of hearing Dr. Hill speak at a Dynamic Women in the Nonprofit Sector meeting, and her message on emotional intelligence and empathy has stuck with me for days. I am thankful for Dr. Hill illuminating my current professional path with practical solutions, including how I can use physical posture to announce my presence in the board room, effectively use "I" messages to achieve harmonious solutions, and how I too can be a champion of the women in my life."

- Anna Waller, Member, Dynamic Women

Laura Blackburn

"Dr. Ali Hill is a dynamic communicator and an excellent strategist for women. Entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders benefit from her experience and coaching, to focus and take action. Her discussion this week at our Nonprofit Leadership Network meeting gave each of the women an opportunity to become a better employer, friend, parent, and partner. Her experience in the area of women in leadership, communication, EQ, and her background in the social sciences, makes her a unique coach and mentor. I highly recommend connecting with Dr. Hill."

- Laura Blackburn, Lead Volunteer, Nonprofit Leadership Network

Dani Lyman

"Dr. Hill is an excellent speaker who presents relevant information in an inspiring, entertaining and motivational way. You can feel her authenticity and genuine concern for people and her knowledge on important topics is apparent. She is a must have speaker!"

- Dani Lyman, Lead Volunteer, Member, Moxie Collective

Wendy Bohling

"I met Dr. Ali a few years ago through mutual colleagues. We immediately clicked when discussing our shared passion for women in business. We also both have the distinct honor of running faith-based women's networking groups. After one of our monthly check-in calls, I asked Ali to speak with my group about the concepts of kindness and strength, and how the two align for business and leadership success. I specifically asked Ali to do so because she is both one of the kindest and strongest people I know. Ali's presentation to our group was engaging, inspiring, informative, and extremely effective. She brought her signature energy, enthusiasm and empathy, and led us in a thought-provoking discussion during the Q&A. Ali is an excellent speaker and a talented educator. I highly recommend bringing her to any group of women who are looking for a passionate and intelligent leader from whom to learn."

- Wendy Bohling, Founder & CEO, Corporate Cowgirl Up

Paige Blatnik

"Alison was an amazing speaker to have in our office. She spoke about Leadership Styles and kept the group engaged throughout the entire thing. She is articulate and knows her stuff. I would recommend her to others."

- Paige Blatnik, Director, Merkle

Elaine Marino

"Dr. Ali Hill is a powerhouse. When on stage speaking at the LadyCoders Conference she took her academic prowess and combined it with her passion to propel women in business to the next level. This combination makes Dr. Ali Hill both effective and highly motivating. We loved having her speak at the conference and highly recommend her."

- Elaine Marino, Owner, LadyCoders Holdings, LLC

Sarah Langert

"Ali was a guest speaker at a Leadership Institute Session, a Junior League of Denver leadership development program. She was articulate, thoughtful in her presentation of the subject matter, and provided participants with clear takeaways to consider further. It was a pleasure having Ali and we hope to continue this relationship in the future."

- Sarah Langert, Leadership Institute Chair, Junior League of Denver

Benjamin Skinner

"Dr. Ali Hill spoke to help my student entrepreneur group in our goal of gaining more female members so we could create a more diverse community. After sitting down with me for a long time to make sure she understood who her audience was, she effectively communicated with me and prepared in the lead-up to the event. On the day of her talk, she effortlessly pivoted the subject of her talk based on last-minute information, answered questions, and delivered a great event. Her unique style of tough honesty combined with humor, charisma, and boundless knowledge helped us have an event that received much positive feedback. Dr. Hill agreeing to help a group of students with nothing to offer her in return but gratitude shows her genuine commitment to using her exceptional speaking talents to make the world a better place."

- Benjamin Skinner, Co-Founder of Jumbo Ventures

Built To Thrive:
The Power of Emotional Intelligence for Women Entrepreneurs

As self-actualized, emotionally intelligent business owners, women stand firmly in their power as problem-solvers, creative thinkers, and drivers of innovation. By leveraging emotional intelligence, they evolve into stronger, more confident, and powerful leaders who can best serve their communities.

As entrepreneurs, women’s success depends upon their ability to harness their emotional intelligence and prioritize outcomes that enable everyone to thrive, not merely survive.

During this talk, Founder of Sound Advice Women and sociologist Dr. Ali Hill shares her deep understanding of how to become a self-actualized, emotionally intelligent and confident entrepreneur – an entrepreneur who creates meaningful work and builds the deep connections - with one’s self and others - that are your biggest assets in business.

Keynote Takeaways

Why Authenticity Matters & How To Find Your Authenticity Zone

Why Authenticity Matters & How To Find Your Authenticity Zone

Why Authenticity Matters & How To Find Your Authenticity Zone

Who Makes Self-Reflection Practices More Effective

Why Authenticity Matters & How To Find Your Authenticity Zone

How To Become an Agile, Empathic Leader

Why Authenticity Matters & How To Find Your Authenticity Zone

When to Engage in an Audit of Your Communication Style

Why Authenticity Matters & How To Find Your Authenticity Zone

What the 5 Principles of Active Listening Look Like in Action

Why Authenticity Matters & How To Find Your Authenticity Zone

Where Emotion Belongs in Business (Hint: Everywhere)

Additional Videos

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Three Types of Communication


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