Entrepreneurship is lonely, right?

Thing is, it doesn't have to be. Click Club is the community you've been looking for ...

Sound Advice Women

While fear of failure is an obstacle,

Isolation is the true dream killer.

You need others to talk to in those moments when you’re not sure how to think about what’s next. For the times where you’re doing something new and those around you just "don’t get it.” For when you feel like you’re not enough.

A Community That Understands You

Video Analyses
By Dr. Ali Hill

Support To Achieve Your Goals

6 Books in
12 Months

Support, confidence, and
no-nonsense perspective.

Click Club delivers all this and more...

How? You create a profile in the Sound Advice Women Community, which gives you access to our live monthly video meetings, asynchronous digital group discussions, curated book list, executive summaries, and analysis videos.

Led by Dr. Ali, this community of women will support you as an entrepreneur and founder. We’ll help you make sense of what seems unknowable through our unique mix of reading books, sharing experiences, and providing business advisory. In Click Club, you’ll connect with women who leave you feeling understood, valued, and challenged (in the good way).

Together, we’ll navigate the uncertainties and opportunities within our businesses. We’ll explore what you need to succeed and celebrate the moments when it all clicks.


A Note From Dr. Ali Hill


I help women learn to walk through the world like executives, and to get what they need without apologizing or asking for approval. I support their building leadership habits that incorporate the head, heart, and gut, as effective leadership is an emotional experience.

And I absolutely love to read. My favorite part is when what I’m reading sparks a new thought, or helps me make sense of something that until that very moment seemed unknowable.

Have you ever had that experience? That feeling of inspiration and excitement when things just *click*?

Activating my expertise as a business owner, executive advisor, and educator, I’ll lead our community and provide you with everything you need to take action in your business, and nothing that makes your eyes glaze over or mind wander.

Welcome to Click Club! I cannot wait to connect with you.

About the Books

We're going to talk about books that aren't typically included on top ten lists for business - and that's by design. Click Club books create meaning from our lived experiences as women.

They’re brilliant words that spark aha moments and provide insight into our greatest challenges, fears, and triumphs.

They offer wisdom from successful women who share how to create communities of fierce women around us.

The Body Is Not an Apology
The Art of Gathering
The Power of Onlyness
Choose Wonder Over Worry
Freedom Is an Inside Job

1 Powerful Community.
6 Books. 12 months.
Countless insights and connections.

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Our Community

You’ll create your own profile, which enables you to access all of our materials, connect directly with other members, post to the newsfeed, upload content, and access the live meetings.


Monthly 1-Hour Meeting

We’ll convene online the second Wednesday of every month from 12-1PM MST. Dr. Ali facilitates the discussion and advises members throughout the hour.

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Ideas You Can Use Today

Click Club focuses on actions you can take with confidence, right now. You'll have what you need to thrive - as a woman and entrepreneur.

Have Questions?

Helping you find the answers you need is what this is all about.

Here are a few answers to our most common questions:

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