How do you move forward in all your stuck moments as an entrepreneur?

You join The Circle!

Sound Advice Women

The most effective way to advance in your role as a founder, leader, and business owner is through membership within a like-minded community of other entrepreneurs, guided by an executive advisor.

Someone who gets you.

Dr. Ali Hill created The Circle for ambitious women who want more, and know that they can't do it alone.

Shame-Free Support

Connected Community

Sales Partners

Stress-less Gatherings

Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey, we're here for you.

Are there places in your business where you could be working smarter, not harder?

Then this group is for you!

Business Ideas Are Great...

They make you feel like you’re onto something big. Yet, thoughts of getting clients, drafting business plans, applying for loans, and figuring out how you’ll scale your ideas can be overwhelming when you’re solo.

Hint: You don’t have to do it alone!

And right now, you can join for only $4,000.

Sound Advice Women

12 Months. 12 Women.
Get the support that you deserve.

When you're surrounded by women who inspire and support you, you can accomplish amazing things!

About The Circle

The Circle is an intentional, micro-community of women entrepreneurs and founders who know that isolation kills entrepreneurial dreams faster than a bad business model or the fear of failure. We believe that, "what goes around comes around" (in a good way)!

Dr. Ali Hill will lead a group meeting 2X a month (90 minutes each) and provide ideas, insight, suggestions, and advisory, while the community - as a whole - will share challenges, wins, struggles, and opportunities. We will also network with one another and support one another's businesses.

This is Perfect for you if...

You're alone...

as you navigate your business, with no one to turn to for advice or support. 

You're scared...

of making costly mistakes.

You wish you...

had an advisor and a group of other entrepreneurs for thought partnership and accountability.

Join us, for only $4,000.

What benefits are there to joining The Circle?


Opportunities to be vulnerable and ask to for help, without being judged

You'll be a member of a community of like-minded women who themselves rise by lifting you up.

Time to build your network and sales funnel

In The Circle you will create deep relationships that lead to sales and business growth.

Curated community that reduces your isolation

Leave the economy of loneliness behind and create an economy of connectedness. This is the future of business.

A Note From Dr. Ali Hill


​I help women learn to walk through the world like executives, and to get what they need without apologizing or asking for approval. I support their building leadership habits that incorporate the head, heart, and gut, as effective leadership is an emotional experience.

At Sound Advice Women we work with women who are looking for more — more money, independence, time, satisfaction, and work that they are uniquely suited to do. We believe that women are more than enough as they are, and that they deserve more than enough in their professional lives.


Welcome to The Circle! I cannot wait to connect with you.

What It's Like to Work with Dr. Ali

"My business wasn't really going anywhere. Now I have new clients, speaking gigs. I'm writing, I'm planning seminars ... it's so much bigger."

Katie Goldberg

Life Coach & Founder, Warrior Princess Coach

"I've learned not to accept getting paid less or working longer hours. I have higher expectations for myself. Working with Ali built my confidence that I could do this, and make my nonprofit what I want it to be."

Megan Patterson

Founder & Executive Director, Worldmind Nature Immersion School

Have Questions?

Helping you find the answers you need is what this is all about.

Here are a few answers to our most common questions:

Can't commit to The Circle?

Can't commit to
The Circle?

Check Out Click Club! "Click" below to join...

Check Out Click Club!
"Click" below to join...

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